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A note about camp registration: We expect all our 2016 camps to fill. Early registration is recommended. All the information you need is found on the REGISTER page of this website. Registration is not complete and space can not be guarenteed until camp fee and camp forms are received. Most of our camps have a limit of 28-32 campers. Musical Madness Camp has a limit of 15 and Ukelele Camp has a limit of 12 campers; these smaller camps fill early. 

SPREAD THE WORD about our fun camp! Friends telling friends is what grows our camp community most reliably! 

MARCH 28- APRIL 1, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Ages 7-13. $250 full week, $60 single day. 

• TOYS AND GAMES CAMP - JUNE 13- 17, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Ages 7-13. $250

• BEAT BUILDERS BAND CAMP- JUNE 27-JULY 1, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Ages 7-13. $300

• BONUS ART PARTY CAMP - JULY 5-7, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.  Ages 2-8 with parent.  OR ages 5-8 on their own as "bridge campers."
Full THREE DAYS with parents- $120; additional children $100/child. Per Day with parents- $40/child/day; $30 additional children/day. Younger siblings under two years welcome at no additional cost. Bridge Campers $135, full THREE DAYS only option for Bridge Campers. Day by Day option available with parent only. 

• ART PARTY CAMP- JULY 11-15, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Ages 2-8 with parent.  OR ages 5-8 on their own as "bridge campers." 
Full Week with parents- $200; 150/additional child in same family. Per Day with a parent- $40/child/day; $30 additional children in same family. Younger siblings under two years welcome at no additional cost. Bridge Campers $225, Full Week option only. 

• ARTS FOCUS CAMP - JULY 25-29, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Ages 10-18. $300

• MUSICAL MADNESS CAMP-  AUGUST 15-19, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Ages 9-14. Maximum 15 campers.  $250

• UKELELE CAMP- AUGUST 22-26, 9-3 p.m. Ages 10 and up. Maximum 12 campers. $300 fee includes a ukelele to take home. 

 ANYTHING GOES CAMP- SPRING BREAK • JUNE 13-17•  9 a.m to 5 p.m. • AGES 7-13 • cost $250 full week, $60 single day •

A generous helping of All Things Fun at Clapping Hands Farm! Come join us for the week or a day -- we'll have Outdoor skills and adventures, a big assortment of  Art Projects, All-Camp Running Games, Music Making, Singing, and more! 

Mardi Magoo and Louise Omoto Kessel will co-lead this camp along with camp counselors Anabelle Maya, Jabu Graybeal, and Cassidy Dula, 

TOYS & GAMES CAMP • JUNE 13-17•  9 a.m to 5 p.m. • AGES 7-13 • cost $250 full week •

Lead Teachers: Jan Burger • Louise Omoto Kessel • Mardi Magoo 

A joyous week of pure playful fun! Come join Jan Burger the KING of PLAY! for a week of romping and running and creative cooperative games, along with some traditional favorites (yes! Capture the Flag!) Louise Omoto Kessel and Mardi Magoo will lead the Toys workshop, this year with an emphasis on OLD TIMEY TOYS like dominoes, string games, jacks and the like.  Your children will spend the week entertaining themselves and one another using simple materials and raw imagination! No electronic or store bought games allowed!  In the afternoon during "anything goes" some of our favorite toy making projects will return: parachutes, stomp rockets, hula hoops, home made board games, nine mens morris,  are all on the list of possibilities. For those that require MORE running around, there will be plenty of options in that category in the afternoon as well! This camp re-joins the summer camp schedule, by popular demand, after being our Spring Break Camp for several years. 

Jan Burger lives in Bynum, NC along the Haw River where he makes art, draws cartoons, and is the co-director of the amazing Paper Hand Puppet Intervention. He is a life long games and play enthusiast and we love having him at camp with his unique blend of fun, fair and fantastic!

Louise Omoto Kessel is the artist in residence and program director at Clapping Hands Farm. Louise is looking forward to creating homemade FUN with new and returning campers! She enjoys keeping old fashioned games alive and finding interesting new games and toys to share at camp.

Mardi Magoo is a devoted homeschooling mama, a fiber artist, a dancer, teacher and magical co-creator of her fabulous universe. She lives in Chapel Hill with her two amazing children and her goofy dog.  Mardi will be back as Assistant Director for our entire run of summer camps this year and is excited to do it again! 

ART PARTY CAMP  •BONUS session July 5-7 • Regular week-long session July 11-15 • Mardi Magoo and Louise Omoto Kessel co-directors.

Two formats for these camp sessions: Family Camp for ages 2-8 with a parent or Bridge Camp for ages 5-8 on their own. Cost for the week-long camp session - campers coming with a parent: $200; 2nd child $150; per day cost $40/child/day; $30/addtional child/day; younger siblings under two welcome at no additional cost • Cost for Bridge Campers (coming on their own) $225 for the week.   Cost for the BONUS session - Full 3 days with parents - $120;  additional children $100/child.  Per day with parents - $40/child/day; $30 additional children/day.  Younger siblings under two years welcome at no additional cost.  Bridge Campers $135 (full 3 Day option only for Bridge Campers - Day by Day option only available with a parent.)

     Art Party at Clapping Hands Farm

ages 2-8 with parent or special caregiver
- camp day 9 a.m to 2 p.m.
- sign up for the week or for one or more days
- cost $200; 2nd child $150; per day cost $40/child/day; additional children $30/child/day

BRIDGE CAMP FORMAT: (designed for young campers as a "bridge" to the full day camps we run for older children)
- ages 5-8 coming on their own will have a special counselor and a small "buddy group."
- camp day 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. 
- sign up for entire week only
- Cost $225 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.

"I really wanted to let you know how much we love coming to art party. It is my kids' most favorite thing to do. When we come out to your place, I feel like we are walking into a hug."


Each day Mardi and Louise and their team of amazing counselors will be setting out a spectacular array of visual art explorations. A different guest artist each day will share music, creative movement, zumba and other wonderful things for an all around fun time. At our ART PARTY come ready to finger paint; mix together colorful slime; play in shaving cream; draw with pastels, colored chalk, and other medium; learn to embroider on burlap or sew your own stuffed animal; make your own toys, and so much more! When you meet our guest artists bring your voices and bodies to the tumbling, dancing, singing chorus of activity! Much of the day will be for adults and children to share in creating together. Each afternoon we will offer an hour long workshop with our guest artists that will be specifically for the creative exploration and rejuvenation of the adults while other artists and camp counselors work with the children. Singing Games provide a lively morning circle and our day ends with a closing circle and story told by Louise. Families coming to Art Party camp can sign up for the week, or by the day. 

"BRIDGE CAMP" for ages 5-8!  We invite children 5-8 who wish to come to camp on their own to join us this week in a special camp designed to "bridge" these young campers to being ready for our full day "big kid" camps. All the Art Party activities will be the razzle dazzle of this joyful week, while a small group of "buddies"  and a special counselor provide a nurturing center. Bridge Camp option is available for the full week only.

MONDAY-  JIMMY MAGOO will SING with FAMILIES in the morning

HERE are the 2015 guest artists just to give you an idea of what it might be like! 
MONDAY- Donovan Zimmerman will SING with FAMILIES in the morning and PARENTS will do YOGA in the afternoon! 
TUESDAY- Valine Zeigler will do ZUMBA with FAMILIES in the morning and PARENTS in the afternoon
WEDNESDAY- Jef the Mime will work with FAMILIES in the morning and PARENTS in the afternoon
THURSDAY- Ruth Pershing will lead a FAMILY DANCE in the morning and there will be an ART PARTY for PARENTS in the afternoon. 
FRIDAY- Sahliah Haith will lead AFRICAN DANCE with live DRUMMING in the morning for FAMILIES and for PARENTS in the afternoon. 


BEAT BUILDERS BAND CAMP! june 27- July 1 • for ages 7-14 Cost $300


Get ready for a musical adventure! This camp will invite every camper to be part of a camp BAND! If you play a musical instrument, bring it to camp! If you've always wanted to be in a band, but never played an instrument in your life, no worries! We aim to get everyone making music together and are confident tehre is a part for you. 

In addition to playing together, we will also do some instrument building, including a big permanent percussion sculpture that will remain a part of Clapping Hands Farm fun for many years to come! building smaller instrments for personal use will also be part of this week's offerings. 

Our lead teachers this week are:
Kora player and drummer in the African tradition, TELI SHABU!
Director of the Catbird Chorus, singer-songwriter, guitar and ukelele player JIMMY MAGOO!
We also have a fine group of musically talented counselors to help lead the various bands!

ARTS FOCUS CAMP  • July 25 - 29 • ages 10-18 • cost $300


The heart of ARTS FOCUS CAMP is simply that it is a camp for TEENS and TWEENS. If you are a camper ages 10-18 who wants to be part of a joyful, creative, diverse, fun, outdoor camp community--- we hope you will consider joining us for ARTS FOCUS CAMP! 

There are three ways to participate in ARTS FOCUS CAMP: 
1. Join an ARTIST LED FOCUS GROUP: This is an opportunity to work closely with a working artist in their chosen discipline; we hope that it will be an engaging inquiry into a topic or craft that also interests you deeply.  There are three ARTISTS working with us for ARTS FOCUS CAMP 2016. When you choose an ARTIST LED FOCUS GROUP you will spend two hours each morning specializing in this artistic discipline. If you would be happy with more than one of these choices, please list your choices in order of preference.

• MUSIC JAM with TELI SHABU! --- Teli Shabu is a drummer and kora player originally from Liberia. If you love to make music, this is your focus group and all kinds of musical instruments and styles are welcome! If you have always wished you could join in a spontaneous "jam session" but never knew how, Teli has a great talent for teaching people how to improvise, listen to one another, and figure out your part to contribute, in order to create and record orginal music! Counselors with their own musical talents will assist Teli in putting a variety of ensembles together, and sharing their skills in recording, using sound equipment, and song writing. 

• COLLAGE and PRINTMAKING with LOUISE OMOTO KESSEL--- This focus group will create works on paper of various kinds:
-collages from hand painted paper, marbled paper, craft paper and magazines
-hand made rubber stamp prints (Louise has made 100's of these and it is addictive!)
-mono prints using painted plates and painted paper and objects from nature
Louise will also demonstrate carving and printing from wood blocks. 

• ENERGY ARTS with MARDI MAGOO---How does music move you?  What does it feel like in your elbows when you take a really deep breath?  Is it different when you walk through the woods and really listen?   Whatever it is, wherever you are, it's all energy.  That's just science, right?  The birth of a star, the death of an ant, the thoughts in your head and the feelings in your heart - it's all energy, and it's all connected.  In this focus group, we'll explore the mysterious ways in which energy flows through our universe, and especially through our very own selves.  Using ancient "research" techniques developed by masters all over the world, and combing those with our own, masterful, artistic inventions, we will curiously and joyfully investigate the energy flow through yoga, dance, chanting and singing, symbology, journaling, walking meditation and our own, personal rituals.  Come play and explore the energy of your world!

2. PROPOSE a PEER LED PROJECT GROUP: Some of our favorite campers have told us "I want to come to camp, but I want to do my own project!" Thus, at ARTS FOCUS CAMP 2015 Zella Magoo led a labyrinth building focus group and the results were beautiful! Please contact Camp Director Louise Omoto Kessel if you have a proposal! 

3. Afternoon Only "Anything Goes" option: Other campers have told us "I want to come to camp, but I just want to PLAY!" Thus, at ARTS FOCUS CAMP 2016 we are offering an "afternoon only" option that will run from Noon to 5 p.m. 

ARTS FOCUS AFTERNOONS will be our usual merry mix of "The All Camp Thing" (an activity after lunch each day that involves the entire camp in such things as varied as a performance, a workshop, camp talent show, or a wild shaving cream fight) and "Anything Goes"--- a rich assortment of elective classes and activities led by camp staff, guest artists,  and campers. Anything Goes will include extensions of the ARTS FOCUS disciplines, a fiber arts/upcycled clothing open studio, as well as berry picking, dirt court basketball games, a home made frisbee golf course, a crochet class, capture the flag, and, well. . . Anything Goes.  Afternoons also include Buddy Group time (small groups led by counselors) and a Closing Circle where we plan Anything Goes for the next day and often have a song or story or talent sharing. 

So, if 2 hours of focused morning activity is not your thing--- join us at Noon!

MUSICAL MADNESS CAMP --- • August 15-19, 2016 • 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. •  ages 9-14 • limited to 15 campers • cost $225

Artist In Residence: Creighton Irons
Also on Staff: Camp Director Louise Omoto Kessel

NOTE: this camp is limited to 15 campers and 9 of those spaces are already filled. 

During this week of creative collaboration, Creighton Irons will lead our campers in writing and performing a musical! Campers will create music and lyrics to tell a story. We will put poetry to music, choreograph dances, become characters, and work as a team to invent, polish and perform our very own musical! The theme for our 2015 musical was the life of local historic figure George Moses Horton. Theme for the 2016 musical still pending! 

Creighton Irons is a composer/lyricist and teaching artist originally from Chapel Hill. After finishing at Carolina he went to NYU for an MFA in musican theater writing (2008). He has been writing and teaching from NYC ever since with the Roundabout Theater, Lincoln Center, and the Hunts Point Alliance for Children. He worked with Ellen Bland as Music Director on several musicals at Chatham Mills (Working, Dreamland, and Kudzu) and fell in love with Pittsboro. His goal is to move back here and create a community theater space.


UKELELE CAMP --- • August 22-26, 2016 • 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. •  ages  • limited to 12 campers • cost $300 includes a ukelele of your own to take home.

Learn to play the Ukelele in a week! Yes, this is possible! Summer Camp Magic makes it so! (or just do the math. . . it's the time equivilent of MONTHS of weekly music lessons!) Learning to play with with FRIENDS also makes it more FUN! Jimmy Magoo will be our Artist In Residence this week. In addition to be a real good Ukelele teacher, Jimmy is a Singer, Songwriter,  artist, song leader, chorus director for Cat Bird Chorus, actor, puppeteer, games leader and all around FUN GUY, so we will mix up the ukelele strumming with running games, singing, creating songs together, and making things. Our Ukelele orchestra will give an informal "concert" for famiy and friends on Friday!